St Mary’s Birth Centre

About us

There is a beautiful birthing room with an inflatable pool available. We aim to offer care in a relaxed and calm environment, with a wonderful view of the sea from the windows.

The midwife is based here, and antenatal appointments will take place at the birth centre, so if you have your baby here, you will know the space well.

Should you choose to plan to have your baby on St Mary’s, labour care is provided by the Midwife and the GP at the Birth Centre. Your options of place of birth will be discussed with you from booking and at every appointment, so that you have time to plan, as some people will be advised to birth at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

St Mary’s Birth Centre contact details


For all enquiries email the team on


Sandra Hogan


Samantha Gale

Directions to the St Mary’s Birth Centre

The Island Birth Centre is situated alongside St Mary’s Hospital on the Isles of Scilly.

Visiting the St Mary’s Birth Centre

There is no routine visiting as staying in the birth centre usually lasts only a few hours and the new family transfer home around 1-2 hours after birth.

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What patients can expect from us

Our pledge is to let our patients know what they are in hospital for, what is needed before we can send them home, a timeframe for their discharge and an opportunity for them to be involved in shared decision-making about their treatment and care.

Contacting the ward for updates on your loved one

The ward is a busy place and our priority is patient care; the best time to call is after 11 am, once the doctors have completed their rounds. Upon admission to our ward we will establish if our patients are able to make contact with loved ones.

We suggest that one person is nominated to call the ward for updates and to act as the patient’s single point of contact.  Our patients with capacity and the ability to contact loved ones themselves, are best placed to provide an update. Those who would prefer relatives to be updated by staff will have this documented and we will endeavour to contact daily to provide an update. 


Our patients may not always be able to be treated within the maternity unit. This means that they may be transferred to different wards during a single inpatient stay, and we will always endeavour to update the patient’s nominated contact of this.


Most wards have access to Wi-Fi on NHSWi-Fi, however there are some connectivity issues on Wheal Fortune.

Laptops and mobiles are allowed (if users are respectful of other patients – it’s a good idea to bring headphones and label devices clearly).  We ask that you ensure any chargers that you may bring for devices are in a good working condition, so as not to cause a fire.

Patient Experience

We are passionate about patient experience and we want every one of our patients, and their relatives, to receive the best possible service when being treated at, or visiting, our hospitals. We take all feedback seriously and will take action where appropriate. Please see the Patient Experience section for further details.

Page last reviewed: 24 April 2023

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